Vilisto Smart Home Thermostat Start-up Use Case


Turning a smart idea into a powerful, tangible product

Product Design, Strategy

The team of the young Hamburg start-up vilisto came to us with an idea for a thermostat , which can help to reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent thanks to its extensive learning capability. In order to inspire customers and investors right from the beginning, a design and operating concept was needed that emphasized the intelligence and novelty of the product.

Inspired by the concept, we helped vilisto to convert their rough idea into a real serial product step-by-step through numerous prototypes. During the design phase, we recommended a restrained design that integrates into its environment yet emphasizes the intelligence of the product through a high quality and intuitive operating concept.

Throughout the development process we supported the team in the areas of product design and development of the UX/UI concept, and also advised on construction and materials as well as the selection of suppliers.
The product is a success: the steadily growing company has already equipped numerous office- and public buildings with its intelligent system and was also awarded the German Innovation Award 2020 for Climate and Environment.

Vilisto Smart Home Thermostat Start-up Vormodelle

In an iterative process, the product was developed step by step until it was ready for the market.

Vilisto smart home thermostat Innovation Future-Living prototype
Vilisto smart home thermostat Innovation Future-Living prototype part review implementation

“We are very happy that Design3 recognized the potential of our idea early on and supported us as a partner in creating an exciting product. The expertise and creativity of Design3 have resulted in a product design that is not only simple and reduced, but also reflects the corresponding high quality.”

(Christoph Berger, CEO)

Vilisto Smart Home Thermostat Start-up Rendering