FlexControl Cooking Hob

UX/UI Design, Prototyping

As a premium manufacturer, Miele has the opportunity to use exclusive technology that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.
The FlexControl cooktop with multicolor 7-inch touch display features numerous technical highlights, such as temperature cooking or the flexibly positionable cookware. When developing the UI, the aim was to was to translate all of these exciting features into an intuitive user experience, while meeting high-end design requirements.

With FlexControl, the pot is set up and recognized. The pot also appears as a tile in the diplay. If you move the real pot, the tile in the display also moves to the new position and remembers all the set parameters. You can choose between cooking levels (1-9), temperatures and programs (e.g. pancakes). An individual timer can be set for each cookware. If no timer is set, a pre-running time runs along. This can be zeroed by a short wipe. In this way, repeatable precise processes can be realized.

As a long-standing partner and extended workbench of the Miele design team, we have long been intensively involved with cooking processes and scenarios for their digital expansion.
In order to expand the possibilities of the technical hardware components of the FlexControl with the advantages of the digital interface, we worked with simulations from the very beginning. For this purpose, we implemented a software concept as a prototype, turned a 65″ touch monitor upside down. We were able to map and move pots on it and thus test and continuously optimize the control directly in the interface.
We see the FlexControl cooktop as a completely new form of cooking and we are delighted that the juries of the IF Award and the Red Dot Design Award have also honored this achievement. Gold for Miele!