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The Hamburg Hochbahn does not see itself as a transport company, but as a provider of future transportation. As part of a larger digitization strategy, it asked itself how tickets would be sold in the future and brought Design3 on board to develop a strategy. Using this question as a starting point, we developed the design for the next generation of ticket vending machines in close cooperation with our long-standing partner Almex.

Hochbahn Ticketautomat Interface %Innovation %Kundenfokus %UX/UI Design

Our goal was to develop a vending machine that offers the best possible orientation and safety of use to customers whilst being as easy to operate as a smartphone. The development focus was therefore on the interface. We worked with iterating interactive prototypes, which enabled us to continually adapt the product to customer requirements and expectations during the development process.

Hochbahn Ticketautomat Prototyp Testen %Innovation %UX/UI
Hochbahn Infocenter
Hochbahn Ticketautomat Interface Test %UX/UI %Innovation

The housing of the terminal was deliberately designed to be unobtrusive and robust in order to provide the perfect setting for the actual innovation: the generous interface. The 32-inch touch screen enables smooth and comfortable interaction. Features such as intuitive map navigation with destination recognition and route guidance, integrated assistance functions, and intelligent access for people with disabilities, create the best possible overview and orientation without overwhelming the user.
The modular design of the terminal also allows for numerous installation variations, which makes installation and adaptation to a wide range of different locations much easier.


Red Dot Award

Hochbahn Ticketautomat Szene3 %UX/UI %Innovation