Who´s afraid of robots?

Product Design, Strategy, Concept Design, UX/UI Design

We believe that robots will play an increasingly important role in the domestic environment. As designers, we are in a position to influence this development and help shape it. This concept study is intended to stimulate discussion about how we want to live in the future.


Our current image of robots is one of humanoid machines with big eyes or cold mechanical devices. So robots tend to be either dismissed as toys or perceived as threatening. We therefore deliberately chose an object-like form that is oriented instead towards interior design and furniture. Due to its reduced design and materials used, such as upholstery fabrics, Carl appears friendly and accessible and integrates himself into his living environment. It was important to us that he moves elegantly and aesthetically in order to be approachable and inspire interaction. The use of ballbot technology seemed ideal to us here because it has great potential but has yet to find a professional application.


Carl focuses on the human need for security and protection. The robot becomes our eyes and ears when we are not at home. It is equipped with various sensors that allow it to detect and report dangerous gases, allergens, fire or unauthorized entry into the home.
The clearly arranged interface allows direct input by the user as well as remote control via mobile app.
But maybe it is better to let Carl speak for himself! (see video)


iF Design Award



The intuitive interface allows  Carl to be controlled both directly on the device and via a mobile app.


A short insight into Carl’s development process.