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The aseptic provision of surgical instruments is a core issue in the organization of a hospital and the performance of a surgical operation. Sterile containers are a key element of these processes. They are used to transport sterile instruments to the site of use and safely dispose of contaminated instruments and surgical waste. They support standardized automatic cleaning and disinfection processes and enable safe, quickly identifiable and documentable storage due to their simple labelling.

Aesculap is the global market leader for sterile containers, but the increasing requirements of regulations and users for the safety, robustness and efficiency of processes could not be met by adapting existing product solutions. The Aesculap team saw this as an opportunity to set new standards with a comprehensive new development.

Aesculap Sterile Container System Sizes User Centered Medical Design
Aesculap Sterile Container System User-centered Medical Design Stackability
Aesculap Sterile Container System User-centered Medical Design

From the very beginning, there was a close exchange between all the disciplines involved. For example, feedback on existing product solutions was collected jointly in User Experience Researches in numerous hospitals and countries. The many interviews with users helped to collect pain points and identify potential for new solutions. In several workshops, in which design, development, production and marketing came together, focal points were defined and research results, initial ideas and prototypes were discussed and evaluated together. This interdisciplinary approach and the iterative and collaborative work with first mock-ups and numerous prototypes up to the final completion of the tools were applied throughout the entire development process.


“It was important for us to have a partner at our side who combines the highest quality with an agile approach and high flexibility. In Design3 we have found this partner. Even more, we have gained a team member.“

(Dr. M. Henke, Director R&D IPS, FEIM)

Aesculap User-centered Medical Design UX-Research
Aesculap Sterile Container System User-centered Medical Design UX-Research Cleaning Process Hospital
Aesculap Sterile Container System User-centered Medical Design UX-Research Transportation Storage

Over a period of 3 years we have developed, together with the Aesculap team, a container product family, currently scalable to 12 different sizes, and the matching instrument trays, which meet the high and complex requirements and set new standards, such as a drying time reduced by 30%.

The overall design language of the containers expresses the quality, robustness and safety of the products. Details such as the filter holder, condensate valve, label plate and locks underline the system, which is characterised by intuitive, comfortable and safe handling.


Red Dot Design Award
iF Design Award

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