Coffee, please!

Product Design, UX/UI Design

We love freshly ground coffee. To us, nothing could be more obvious than collaborating with Melitta to take the second generation of their AromaFresh grind & brew coffee machine to a new level. Our shared values – clarity, user orientation, value and reliability – helped us to rethink the already very successful predecessor for the current decade.
Integration over show-off. The AromaFresh X blends in instead of putting its technical qualities in the foreground. Not only into contemporary kitchens, but also into Melitta’s updated product portfolio, where it becomes a clear ambassador for the brand values.
A new, durable ceramic grinding system, a new interface redesigned from scratch, a removable water tank and the elimination of superfluous stainless steel decorations – the AromaFresh X is an upgrade in every aspect.

High-end grind & brew coffee machines offer a wide range of functions. The exciting challenge was to create the best user flow with just a few buttons. Everyday functions can be operated quickly and easily with just a few interactions, while complex settings can be accessed safely and self-explanatorily using context-sensitive softkeys. Clean typography, icons and small animations support the user experience.

In a close coordination process, we supported Melitta from the first sketches through market tests, detail alternatives, tooling concepts and interface implementation to the market launch.