Jordan / Friwo

The shift towards a new mobility

Product Design, Concept Design, Strategy

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular and are used for a variety of reasons: leisure, work, commuting.
To support this welcome shift towards a ‘new mobility’, charging stations for e-bikes are a valuable addition to the infrastructure. However, they are not yet an established product category. E-LOAD charging stations fill this gap.

Today’s solution for travelling longer distances with e-bikes is far from perfect: to charge, you need to carry your own heavy brick charger. To make life easier – and still avoid ‘range anxiety’ – E-LOAD is publicly accessible and provides the flexibility you need for charging. E-LOAD is a modular system: double or single charger, equipped with the charging technology of the main e-bike players. The design is very discreet and integrated. It blends in well with other public products such as street lighting, furniture, etc.

Based on our research, E-LOAD is the first free-standing e-bike charging solution that aims to be a valuable, attractive and long-lasting element of public infrastructure, strongly supporting the transition to a new and sustainable mobility. The design of the charging station is the result of several iterations in order to find the perfect usability and proportions. The product is modular and therefore helps to conserve resources: the head unit can be easily re-equipped or replaced for repair/installation of updated technology. E-LOAD is built to last: designed and developed in Germany, manufactured in Europe.

iF Design Award in Gold
Red Dot Award