Design3 Interactive Studio

Space for Innovation

We used the pandemic years 2020 and 2021 to relocate and expand our new Design3 Interactive Studio. On 250 sqm we have everything to rethink, test and evaluate interaction.

We believe in making
In addition to the thorough analysis of problems and the structured development of solutions, we are committed to rapid prototyping at every stage of the design process.

Whatever the interface is – app, service-front-end, hardware mockup, touch, voice, sensor, mouse – we believe the best decisions are based on realistic simulations.

We use all current digital tools and our workshops to create motion designs in 2D and 3D, symbol libraries and design systems. From small to very large ones, like for the printing machines of Koenig und Bauer or the ticket vending machines of Hochbahn Hamburg.

The D3 Interactive studio is located in Brandenburg/Havel near Berlin. We acquired and refurbished the complete brick building, which was built in 1920 as a track construction workshop and last used as a bank.