Interlock 7000


Each year 1.25 million people worldwide are killed in traffic accidents. More than one in ten fatal accidents involve drunk driving — with a high percentage of drivers being repeat offenders. To bring that number down, Dräger teamed up with Design3 to develop their new Ignition Interlock Device, a breathalyser that is wired to the vehicle's electronics. The Interlock 7000 will only allow a vehicle to start if the breath test result of the driver is below a preset limit. A camera installed behind the windshield and a smart control box make cheating impossible.

Typical usage scenarios include private cars as well as professional vehicles such as buses, locomotives or construction equipment.

For this project we deeply researched the product requirements and expectations of various stakeholders, including law enforcement and probation officers, installers, service personnel, data analysts and, of course, actual users. From the drivers' perspective a crucial priority was to avoid stigmatisation. By referencing products like phones or radio equipment, the Interlock 7000 seamlessly integrates into contemporary car interiors and does not attract unwanted attention.

A highly iterative process including intense user research, user testing and repeated prototyping led to a thoroughly thought-out device that is very well accepted in the market and is now defining a new benchmark in its category.

To achieve a smooth easy-to-use experience, the hardware of the Interlock 7000 was developed in close cooperation with the interface development team at hid/Hamburg.