Ironing stations tend to look cluttered, unattractive and not at all accessible. For the German domestic appliance manufacturers Miele we strove to achieve just the opposite: a product that looks at home — even in the living room. It is easy to operate and is designed with loving attention to every detail.

Throughout the entire development process — including an extensive consulting phase — Design3 collaborated closely with the Miele corporate design team as well as engineering and manufacturing experts.

The main challenges we faced when designing this ironing station for Miele were to make sure all the components fitted together perfectly, whilst maintaining clean, unobtrusive overall aesthetics. We also needed to find a safe and easy-to-use mechanical solution for the legs, which included space-saving folding functionality along with an additional overall height adjustability. Great attention was given to every design detail — a challenging task considering the number of parts, materials and manufacturing processes involved.