Our processes are highly iterative at every stage, be it creative exploration, design development or detail refinement. The more we try, the better the outcome. This is why we prefer to have all the required analogue and digital tools on site: a fully equipped workshop, various CAD systems, 3D-printer, render farm and photo studio.

Our studio is located in Hamburg, between the city centre and the famous harbour. We enjoy a generous and airy studio space in a renovated Kontorhaus situated in a lively area, where creative industries rub shoulders with shipping companies, lawyers and Portuguese coffee shops.

Design3 was established in 1987 as a subsidiary of the London based design firm Moggridge Associates. In 1992 Design3 became an independent company in its own right. The company has been owned and run by Wolfgang Wagner since 1997. In 2014 Bjoern Vibrans became the additional managing partner.