Who we are
We are an independent, award-winning product design consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany. We offer a unique set of skills: in-depth multi-perspective research, followed by a thorough creative process involving rethinking entire product concepts and user experiences. We take care of key responsibilities to achieve truly outstanding results, always with meticulous detailing and implementation.

What we are good at
We are open-minded, straightforward and rely on our fundamental virtues:

- Curiosity -
Design is a problem solving discipline, yet the problems concerned are rarely well-defined or understood from the outset. We help clients undertake a deep investigation of a project's context, looking at it from various perspectives: user, brand, strategy, innovation and viability. For each task we apply the most suitable combination of intuitive and analytical methods.

- Courage -
We are courageous enough to go for outstanding solutions. We search for big ideas rather than a succession of small ones. We are highly skilled and dedicated designers, developing everything from the overall concept down to the smallest details. We take care to create a coherent user experience – including product, interface and packaging.

- Common Sense -
We apply and combine curiosity and courage with one other crucial component: common sense. Always keeping in mind what drives our efforts: real people.

Project Expertise
The focus of our projects ranges from market-implementation to advanced future scenarios, from single solutions to extensive global unification strategies. We employ experts in analytical and strategic thinking as well as specialists in the hands-on resolution of advanced mechanical and usability issues.

Our range of experience includes the following industry areas: mobile devices, consumer electronics, household products, bathroom environments, communication technology, industrial equipment and medical devices.